Stroll Around the Historic Park of Alexandria VA: Carlyle House Historic Park

Are you planning to visit Alexandria, Virginia? This city is home to a lot of historical parks and buildings, where you can learn so much about the history of the United States and how the constitution came to be. It was where politicians came to gather about the nation, government, and about the ongoing wars that were happening.

One of these historic places where politicians and people in the upper class came to gather was Carlyle House, Historic Park.

What Should You Know About Carlyle House Historic Park Alexandria VA

Carlyle House Historic Park is a Georgian manor house that was built in 1753 by the Scottish merchant and city founder, John Carlyle. It offered public spaces for entertaining and private areas for family and servant use. During this time, the house became the center of political and social life in Alexandria. In this very location, General Braddock and five royal governors met to talk about the funding of the French and Indian War.

After Carlyle’s death, his heirs sold off parts of his property over time. At the start of 1847, a local furniture manufacturer named James Green started reassembling the original Carlyle acre of land and then eventually purchased the Carlyle House itself. The property was converted into a hotel, which at that time was called the “Mansion House Hotel.”

During the civil war, Union troops occupied Alexandria and evicted Green and in his family both from their hotel and their home. It was then converted into a hotel where injured and sickly Union soldiers were tended to.

In the early twentieth century, the hospital was then turned into an apartment building, and in the first World War, it became a museum. Progressing into the mid-twentieth century, the house and grounds were in a state of total disrepair.

However, NOVA Parks purchased the house and apartment in 1970 so that they could renovate baptist church the property and restore it into its former glory. After six years of research and construction, the house was fully restored and open to the public in the year 1976 as part of the nationwide Bicentennial celebration.

Today, Carlyle House is listed as one of Alexandria VA’s National Historic Places. It is known to operate at the highest professional standards and is accredited by the American Alliance of Museums.

Visitors can enjoy house tours, programs for schoolchildren, special events, exhibits, and lectures so that they can enrich their knowledge on pre-Revolutionary Alexandria, and the man of the house himself, John Carlyle.

What Can You Do at Carlyle House Historic Park Alexandria VA?

Those who plan to stay in Alexandria VA for a vacation can go to the historic site and join a guided tour. The guided tour is from Tuesday through Saturdays (10 am to 4 pm) and Sunday (12 pm to 4 pm). Children in the community also have the opportunity to join in on school programs and scout programs conducted by the Carlyle House. Also, you can celebrate weddings and birthdays in the manor from April 1 baptist church to October 31.

You can explore the beauty and history that the Carlyle House has in store for you when you visit the location in Alexandria VA. There’s so much to learn and so much to experience as you step foot into the location and roam around the gardens. Whether it’s for a visit or a celebration, in this modern-day, there’s still so much to do at the Carlyle House Historic Park in Alexandria VA.

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